SPACES is ready for the next phase of its evolution.

BECAUSE since its first artist-run gathering in 1978, SPACES was about helping us see the world in unexpected ways.

BECAUSE everyone who has contributed to one of the longest running alternative arts spaces in the United States has found a different way to challenge the status quo.

BECAUSE SPACES has constantly reinvented itself over 38 years to continue to be the home of the avant-garde in Cleveland.

BECAUSE SPACES is forever ahead of its time and is making a serious commitment to its future.

BECAUSE our new home at 2900 Detroit Avenue, located in the vibrant Hingetown area of Ohio City, will help us serve more artists and audience members better than ever before.

We hope you’ll consider the ways in which SPACES contributes to your life, the city of Cleveland, and the greater cultural sphere, and make a donation that is meaningful to you. SPACES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.